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New grant round opened for Virtual International Collaboration

As a higher education institution, apply for a grant by September 30th at the latest and provide your students with the opportunity to gain international experience from within the Netherlands. Until September 30th, colleges and universities can once again apply for subsidies for new or revised virtual international collaboration projects.

Intercultural competences

During a virtual international collaboration project, Dutch students and foreign students work together remotely to produce a final product. They connect local issues to an international perspective. This way, students develop their intercultural competencies and language and digital skills.

Grant funds

The grant is intended to free up teachers and educational experts. In the time made available, they design, develop, implement, or revise a virtual international collaboration project. You will receive a fixed amount of €15,000 per application.

Support programme

Is your grant approved? Then we invite you to an online welcome session and give tailored advice on which training and support activities you can follow (free of charge) as part of the subsidy.