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VIS Support

In order to improve the quality of projects, we offer different forms of advice for teachers, educators, and managers. The consultants are experts (through experience) from CINOP, the Sharing Perspectives Foundation, UniCollaboration, the University of Groningen, and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. There are six forms of advice, which, like VIS projects, take place mostly online.

VIS-à-VIS meetings

I want to get practical support with the implementation of my VIS project and be inspired by experts and peers.

Thematic advisory sessions where teachers, project leaders, and support staff, from different Higher Education Institutions starting VIS projects, meet, to get advice on the most important aspects of VIS projects. This form of guided intervision is organised twice a year. There are 4 meetings in each Vis-à-vis session. More information about the Vis-à-vis meetings follows soon.

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VIS Walk-in Hour

I want to ask experts a specific question about my VIS project and learn from the questions of my peers.

This is a digital office hour every second Monday of the month. Here you can ask your questions to the experts, or log in to meet your colleagues and listen to their questions. Please register on the website and admit your question before the session, so it can be answered properly. 

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Online Helpdesk

I want to submit my question online and get a written answer.

Questions can be asked at all times through our online helpdesk. These questions will be answered in writing by the experts within 5 business days and, unless objected to, be added to the FAQ (anonymously).

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Annual VIS Event

I want to meet other VIS project leaders in person, exchange experiences and get inspired.

Once a year there is an in person event where stakeholders of VIS projects can get to know each other, exchange experiences, meet possible collaboration partners, and take part in thematic sessions. Registration is done through the website.

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Advice for board and management

I want to support my staff to embed VIS projects within my organisation in a sustainable way.

In order to facilitate the sustainable integration of VIS projects in Higher Education Institutions,  we offer advisory sessions for administrative staff, management, internationalisation coordinators, and educations. To take part, please register through the website. 

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Information session for the grant application

I want to know if VIS is something for me.

Previous to each round of funding we provide, in collaboration with DUS-I and the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sciences, an information session about the application procedure and what is expected of applicants. If you know anyone considering submitting a grant application, make sure to send them by. Please register for this session on the website of DUS-I.

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