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Online Helpdesk

Do you have a question regarding your VIS project? Send it our team of experts at the online helpdesk.

We are aware that the process of designing and implementing your VIS project can be hectic and challenging. The way of working in a VIS project is not like your regular day-to-day work and despite a good preparation and a sound planning you may be confronted with challenges you want to discuss with an expert. 

The online helpdesk is available for all the questions you may be confronted with during your VIS project. You can think of questions related to the design of your project, it’s implementation or integration in your existing educational offer or the collaboration with (a) foreign partner(s). Off course, you may also ask questions about the VIS support available through this website, such as the training or the intervision sessions.

A team of experts is available to answer your questions and support your project. When possible, we will answer your questions in writing. For more complicated questions, we will schedule a call with you. We strive to answer your questions within 5 business days. 

Do you have a question that we cannot answer via email? Or do you want to discuss a problem or challenge with an expert? Maybe you just want to meet other colleagues and listen to their questions? Join us at the monthly walk-in hour! This hour is held every second Monday of the month at 1PM.

Questions to the online helpdesk can be asked via the form below. 


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