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Community of Practice: deepening insights and solutions in the world of VIS projects

Last week, we concluded the final session of the Community of Practice. Throughout these valuable sessions, we extensively discussed the various challenges that arise in preparing, executing, and evaluating VIS projects. Participants openly shared their individual stumbling blocks, prompting collective discussions and collaborative problem-solving.

Particular attention was given to the intricacies of assessment and evaluation within VIS projects. We exchanged insights on the variety of methods and their strategic application tailored to specific goals. Another captivating aspect was the discussion on the role of interpersonal relationships and building trust among students from different educational institutions. We explored how this essential element could be integrated into the design of future projects. Additionally, we deliberated on whether the content of the VIS project influences the extent to which relationship-building should or should not be part of the curriculum.

Looking back, we reflect on three interactive and engaging sessions where participants learned a great deal from and with each other.