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Registration for VIS Live! Event 2023 is open!

Registration has closed

Are you involved or interested in Virtual International Collaboration Projects (VIS)? Would you like be inspired by exchanging ideas and best practices with experienced and starting VIS colleagues? Then come to the VIS Live! Event on November 9 2023, at the University of Groningen!

Colleagues who have started or already realised a VIS project give a glimpse into their experiences and those of their students. The diverse program offers an information market, plenary and interactive presentations, campfire sessions and poster presentations.

This event is for EVERYONE interested in Virtual International Collaboration Projects. This concerns teachers, educationalists, internationalisation staff, policy makers, managers and others with an interest in VIS.

The program runs from 10.30am – 5.30pm and includes contributions from VIS practitioners, support staff and coordinators. In addition, also during the event:

  • Plenary presentations by:
  • Monica Lopez Lopez, associate professor / Rosalind Franklin Fellow and expert in child and family welfare, inequalities in child protection, also coordinator of internationalisation (Behavioural and Social Sciences, University of Groningen) 
  • Max Kemman (Dialogic) on the impact of the VIS programme in the Netherlands 
  • A session for management and policy makers on integrating VIS successfully in your institution 
  • A campfire session with OCW about next steps after the VIS programme ends in 2025 
  • An information and advice market with stands from:
  • VIS consortium: the training and support team for VIS (CINOP, Sharing Perspectives Foundation, UNICollaboration, University of Groningen, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht)  
  • Dialogic: the agency carrying out the VIS evaluation programme on behalf of OCW 
  • DUS-I: the agency coordinating VIS applications for OCW 
  • NUFFIC: the Dutch organisation for Internationalisation in education 

The partners from these organisations will be happy to give you personalised advice on any questions you may have about designing and running your VIS projects. 

We are looking forward to creating a great day together!