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Guiding and supporting teachers in a VIS project | Education, internationalization and policy experts

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Do you have an active role supporting or facilitating within setting up a VIS project? Do you enjoy helping teachers from your organization set up a VIS project? And would you like to develop skills to enrich education with an international element? If so, you will fit right in with this training! 

What will you learn?

  • How can I support teachers to best implement virtual learning in the project? 
  • How can I help teachers shape a good culturally sensitive learning environment? 
  • How can I ensure that the VIS project fits well with our policy on internationalization and equal opportunities? 

What to expect? 

This training consists of three online sessions, each lasting three hours, in which you will become familiar with virtual international collaboration. During the sessions you will actively work with different methods. 

  • During the first session you become familiar with virtual learning. On the basis of case studies, you will get to work with the theme so that you quickly learn to apply it within your own context. Several inspiring best practices will be shared. 
  • The second session revolves around cultural sensitivity within online international collaborations. You will experience what it is like to make collaboration agreements in an online environment and learn about the influence culture has on education. You will then apply these insights within your own context. You will also receive a number of (design) tools that can help you design a culturally sensitive learning environment. 
  • The last session focuses on the impact of the VIS project. You will search within your educational institution for policy statements about for example internationalization and equal opportunities and explore the overlap this has with the VIS project. You will identify who is involved in developing and rolling out the VIS project and how you can strengthen your own position in this. Again, insights from practice and science will be shared. 

    What will you get out of it? 

    There is plenty of room for exchanging experiences so you learn a lot from each other. There are knowledge interludes in which you will, for example, learn more about online pedagogy, international education and stakeholder management, based on scientific research and practical examples. You are given a variety of activities and resources that you can utilize later on to assist teachers with configuring their VIS project. 

    I found the alternation between theory and practice very pleasant and instructive. Didactically it was strong.


    Juan Alba: VIS task design, faciliation and assessment; Integration of VIS in the curriculum/as a means of internationalisation-at-home at departmental level. 

    Nina van Veldhuizen: Task design, educational design, learning theories, intercultural learning, building a curriculum, internationalization, student learning outcomes. 

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    Please note that only one educationalist from each VIS project may register for this training. If you want to register, keep your VIS project ID handy.  

    The deadline for registration is Monday April 1, 2024.


    Do you have a question? Or do you want to be sure if this training suits you? Email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.