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Make room for VIS! Management and Policy Advisory Meeting.

Successfully integrating VIS within your institution, institute or course.

Due to limited applications, the online advisory meeting Management and Policy will be postponed to autumn 2024. Keep an eye on this website and our newsletter for more information regarding the exact date.

For this meeting , we have invited Dr Robert Wagenaar (University of Groningen), Professor of History and Politics of Higher Education and director of the International Tuning Academy, a teaching and research centre focusing on reforming higher education courses. See below for Dr Robert Wagenaar’s bio.

Professor Wagenaar will talk about Virtual International Cooperation in the light of Interrnationalisation (at Home) and the recent developments in the field of internationalisation. He will elaborate on the opportunities VIS offers for internationalisation and the conditions to be met for successful implementation.

After the presentation, we will discuss with participants the ways in which VIS within our institutions connects or could connect with these ongoing developments so that we can continue to offer our students opportunities to develop international and intercultural competences even within the changing internationalisation climate.


The advisory meetings for management and policy are intended for programme directors, programme coordinators, team leaders, programme managers and policy advisors on education, internationalisation and digitalisation. During the meetings, we gain knowledge and exchange experiences on the strategic and sustainable embedding of VIS in their educational institutions and network.

From the perspective of their own programme(s) or policy, participants explore the added value of VIS projects.

Webinar: Make room for VIS! Management and Policy Advisory Meeting. Speaker Robert Wagenaar, followed by discussion with participants.

Registration: Information in this regard will be available in the summer. For this, keep an eye on this website and our newsletter.

Please have your institution’s VIS ID ready. After registration, you will receive further information and the link to the webinar.

Brief bibliography Robert Wagenaar (2024)

Dr Robert Wagenaar ( is professor of History and Politics of Higher Education and director of the International Tuning Academy at the University of Groningen (UG). The Academy is a teaching and research centre focusing on the reform of higher education courses. It has been running a biannual journal Tuning Journal for Higher Education indexed by SCOPUS, ERIC and Web of Science since 2013.

He has been directly involved in a number of key European Commission initiatives, such as the development of ECTS since 1989 and two overarching European qualifications frameworks, the Qualifications Framework in the EHEA and the EQF for LLL.

Before his directorship of the Tuning Academy, he was Education Director of the Faculty of Arts at UG for 11 years. He has coordinated or co-coordinated many dozens of European projects. His most recent projects are: Measuring and Comparing Achievements of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education in Europe (CALOHEE) (2016-), and Integrating Entrepreneurship and Work Experience into Higher Education (WEXHE) (2017-2019), followed by the Electronic Workbased (eWBL) project (2022-), all co-funded by the European Union.

He will be part of the advisory board of the VIS projects.