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Call for Contributions VIS Live! 2024 

Are you working or have you worked on a VIS project as a teacher or in a supportive role? Then please share your experiences during the 3rd national VIS Live! Event organised at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht on Thursday 7 November 2024.
You are kindly invited to send in your submission via the form below (scroll down).

  • Who is this Call for Contributions for: everyone involved in a VIS project (as a teacher, supporter, coordinator, researcher, etc.) 
  • Where: HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 15  
  • When: Thursday 7 November 2024: 11:00 – 17:00 
  • Dates for contributions: 
  • 13 September 2024: Deadline for submitting contributions 
  • 7 October 2024: Notification of acceptance 


Presentation (15 min): An oral presentation followed by questions from the audience. Presentations can be given by teachers, coordinators, supportive staff and students involved in the development and/or implementation of one or more VIS projects.  

Campfire session (30 min): During a campfire session you will engage with the audience in an activating manner on the basis of statements or questions about a specific topic.  

Poster (continuous): A poster presentation allows you to present the VIS project(s) you carry out or support, one-on-one to interested participants. The printed poster (in A0 portrait format) will remain visible all day. Live presentation sessions will be planned in the programme. 

Call For Contributions VIS Live! Event 2024


In which format would you like to present?(Required)

On the basis of last year’s experience, all presentations are in English, unless you explicitly indicate that you would rather present in Dutch.

Project characteristics

To establish a balanced programme we would like to receive some information about your project, similar to the information you submitted when you did your VIS application.

Is it a new or revised project?(Required)

At which level are the students who enroll in your VIS project?(Required)

In which phase is your VIS project?(Required)

Which descriptions best fit the topic/theme of your contribution?(Required)
Select two topic descriptions at most.

Student perspective(Required)
We value the student perspective. Would some of your students who have participated in your project be available for presenting their experiences in your presentation?

Only select ‘Yes’ if you expect to really be able to bring your students to Groningen on 9 November.

Abstract of your contribution

Describe your contribution paying attention to:
(1) the topics selected; (2) the structure of your contribution (for presentations and campfire sessions); (3) the most important take-aways / lessons learnt: what can the audience learn from your experience? (4) a closing message for the audience.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.