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Advisory Session Governance & Management

Successfully integrate VIS within your institution, institute or study programme

We organise a session during the national VIS event on 8 November, focusing on the strategic and sustainable embedding of VIS in your institution for management and policy staff in higher education (programme directors, and coordinators, team leaders, programme managers, policy advisors on education, internationalisation, digitalisation). Online participation in this session is possible.

From the perspective of education or policy, we will show the added value of VIS projects and how they:

  • can contribute to internationalisation at home and internationalisation of the curriculum;
  • can be applied in combination with physical mobility and other traditional forms of internationalisation;
  • can be strengthened by training and support (including through the national VIS initiative) to achieve sustainable engagement in education.

Presenters: Jelly Offereins, Gerdientje Oggel, Sake Jager

Date and time: 8 November 2022, 14:45-15:50 (part national VIS event)

Location: Hogeschool Utrecht, Padualaan 101, Utrecht

For online participation in this session, please send a message to no later than 6 November with the subject online participation advisory Session Governance & Management.

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