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VIS-à-VIS meetings autumn 2023

The VIS-à-VIS meetings are thematic advice sessions in which teachers, project leaders and educationalists together with other colleagues from different higher education institutions receive support and advice on the core aspects of your VIS project. This form of guided intervision is organised twice a year.

The intervision sessions are structured along 4 theme’s:

  1. Design of your VIS project
  2. Implementation of your VIS project
  3. Integration of your VIS project within your Higher Education Institution
  4. Collaborate with a foreign partner / institution

Each session will use a specific form of guided intervision most suitable to the theme addressed. Each session is briefly thematically introduced.

The sessions take place in small groups together with colleagues whereby the exchange of experience and best practice is encouraged.

Register for one of the intervision cycles in the form below.

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