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3 reasons why you should join the VIS event!

Need to get inspired and exchange virtual exchange ideas and experiences with experienced and just-starting VIS colleagues? Then come to the first VIS event on 8 November at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. Here are three reasons to be at this event:

Learn from inspiring examples
Learn from the lessons of other VIS-ers. Which pitfalls can you avoid, or which useful lessons can you implement yourself? Expert colleagues and students will give an insight into their projects and what they encounter on their VIS journey.

Share experiences
Exchange tips & tricks during the campfire sessions about themes you struggle with, are curious about, or have good experiences with. For example, how do you get your students excited? What are good ice-breakers? What do you do with large groups? How do you ensure sustainable implementation of a project? Or how do you incorporate SDGs into a VIS collaboration?

Meet other enthusiasts
Within your organisation, you might still have to explain what a VIS project is, but here you meet people with a similar passion and challenge, but with a slightly different perspective. This ensures the spreading of ideas, new relationships and good energy.